Research Experience

2018- Boston University Warkentin Lab-  Intern

  • Independent research project on desiccation-induced early hatching in the gliding tree-frog (Agalychnis spurrelli) embryos
  • Field and lab research assistant to PhD student Brandon Güell at Osa Conservation, Costa Rica. I assisted in intensive clutch field monitoring, setting up and conducting cued hatching experiments, and predation experiments using tree-snakes. I helped collect data from the field and lab experiments, analyze the data, and gained knowledge of experimental design and procedures
    Explosive breeding event Agalychnis spurrelli

    “Shampoo pond” photo credit: Brandon Güell

2015- Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS)- Independent Student Researcher

  • Project Title: “Incilius luetkenii: habitat selection and post-reproductive movements”
  • I conducted my thesis field work in the wetlands of Palo Verde National Park. I studied the habitat selection and post-reproductive movements of the yellow toad (Incilius luetkenii) in the wetlands of the park and surroundings. I used radio-telemetry to track their movements and describe their behavior and microhabitat use
    Field work at Palo Verde National Park

    the Yellow Toad : Incilius luetkenii


2015- Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS)- Field Research Assistant

  • Project title: “Amphibian productivity in the dry forest of Costa Rica: implication for wetlands conservation”
  • I collected and identified individuals from pitfall traps. I also measured and sexed frogs during the monitoring period to record diversity and secondary productivity of amphibians in Palo Verde National Park

    One of my favorites ones: the Mexican Burrowing Toad (Rhinophrynus dorsalis)

2015- Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS)- Independent Student Researcher(ETC-OET Post-course Research Fellowship )

  • Project title: “Cryptic coloration as an anti-predatory mechanism in two Porthidium ophryomegas (Viperidae) color morphs
  • I studied predation rates in two color morphs of the Slender hognose-pit viper (Porthidium ophryomegas) using clay models in the field
    One of my fake snakes

    With the beautiful Porthidium in the field

2013- Clodomiro Picado Institute- Field Research Assistant

  • Project title: “Ecology, Behavior and threats to the Black-Speckled palm-pit viper (Bothriechis nigroviridis) in Costa Rica”
  • I studied the ecology and behavioral traits of the Black-Speckled palm-pit viper in the highlands of the Central Mountain Range in Heredia. I helped collect, measure, mark, and tag individual snakes
    Bothriechis nigroviridis individual tagged at Cerro Dantas
    The Clodomiro Picado team



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